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This shoot just goes to show you that you never know whats gunna happen in this crazy world of ours and to
always expect the unexpected. So heres how it went down: there i was minding my own business...actually
attending to my own bussiness as i was just about to start a new shoot for you guys. I had just bought a new
sex toy and was going to show it off for all you guys. Nothing out of this world but i thought you guys would enjoy
it. So there i was doing my little introduction when all of sudden my argentinian nympho swinger neighbors start
going at it. The walls are very thin in my apt building so i could here everything it got so loud i couldnt consentrate
on what i was doing. I go over to there door to ask them to be quiet and who come to the door the hot argentinian
milf with nothing but a towel on. I told her how i was trying to shoot next door and asked her if she could keep it
down a little..she replied by dropping her towel exposing her enormous tits and asking me if id join her and
her husband...turns out they were actually doing a little personal shoot themselves. Of course i dont have to tell
you guys i immidietly excepted her offer (honestly i was hoping she was gunna ask the whole time) and boy am i
glad i did. We fucked in almost everyroom in there apt it was wild. I was even able to use my new toy and had a
much better time with it as sharing is caring. This one is a winner boys and girls...and is a perfect example of
why you should always love thy neighbor!
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