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and I do lots of crazy things with lots of CRAZY people, This is not a website that you will join and see me dance around inside fully clothed removing my socks and claiming I am naked. This is not a website you will join and see me suck on lollipops pretending them to be dicks, why? because I prefer real dick. If I want to fuck the guy that works at a parking lot, pickup a random stranger grocery shopping or swallow some guys cum out of a shot glass, I will. Dont believe me? check out the shit I've already done by VIEWING MY TRILER RIGHT HERE
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Mr Soccer
Added: 2006-01-19
Penis Inspection
Added: 2006-01-05
I Love Shopping
Added: 2005-12-29
Dildo Play
Added: 2005-11-24
Butthole Inspection
Added: 2005-11-03

Last Episode: "I Love Shopping" 
I thought it would be interesting for you guys to follow me on saturday when I like to go shopping. I went to this cute boutique place and picked out a bunch of different great outfits, then tried each one on for the camera. I was kinda nervous because lots of people were shopping and I am sure some people saw the camera! but whatever, I had a good time and I know you guys will love seeing me try on all these cute outfits!


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